Červen 2013

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6. června 2013 v 10:23
Charles Barkley feels safer WITH a Gun

Why Mr. Costas do you believe that more bad things would come out of people having a gun. If that is the case, then police officers an army of their own so-to speak should not have a gun for their personal protection.

All of the police officers have a gun and and carry their guns and in most cases a police officer like many armed civilians never have to use their guns to defend themselves or others, so your statement that having a gun more bad things would come out of people having a gun is patently false and misleading.

Comment by Jody Brookshier on December 6, 2012 at 10:43am

I don't know what the statistics are for drunk driving but it's like saying cars kill instead of the drunk drivers. Let's take away cars becuz they kill! And believe me, people who don't have licences still drive cars! These dumb asses always get on the band wagon when a tragedy occurs. Lets do away with guns! I'm with Barkley. I have never used a weapon however, I sleep better knowing there are wweapons within reach if some dumb ass breaks into my home. I'm not waiting for the police to come save me! Like they say it is better to be judged by 12 then carried by 6! They continue to want to infringe our rights which clearly says "shall not be infringed!" Horrible things happen everyday. Like that one guy said, if someone is intent on killing, they will figure out a way with or without guns. Plenty of people are killed with knives, poisen. They Cheap Rolex Watches said the kid makes about 300 or 400 dollars a day selling drugs and would never get a real job. I was making300 dollarsa week at that time. This kid sold for the adult dealers and then had immunity from adult prosecution because of his age . This was 40 yrs ago and you can now see why Black America inner cities or any Black neighborhood for that matter is a shit hole of a place to live. They did Fake Rolex Submariner Watches For Sale it to themselves. For example West Palm Beach here in Florida has a shooting a day or week and the ocean is only 2 blocks away. It's time to call out Black America on their bullshit.

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